5 Best Headphone or Headset Brands with a Mic for Voice and video calls and Business 2022

"5 Best Headphone or Headset Brands with a Mic for Voice and video calls and Business 2022"

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Today, we introduces the 5 best brands for business calls and how you can maximize productivity.  Block out background noise and listen for yourself .

Hey everyone we're gonna share with you the 5 best business headset brands that are great for phone calls and meetings so that you can maximize productivity. Now before we begin, if you think these wireless earbuds sound great now, this is what these earbuds sound like.

When you have a noisy blender or this highly popular four star rated on amazon, wireless headset sounds great, and this is what it sounds like when you have a blender roaring next to this wireless headset, then this video may not be for you, but if you want To take your noise canceling to the next level and have a headset, that's comfortable, it's going to make you more productive and block out more background noise.

Then you're going to want to learn about these 5 best business headset brands. So let's get started right now. This is the blog headset advisor where we review and compare the latest headsets speakerphones and webcams to help you make a better buying decision so consider hitting

I'am going to go over the 5 best headset brands for business here now, they're going to be in no particular order as there's not one best brand out there.

It just depends on your specific situation: what phone system, what telephones you have. So, if you want help getting the best headsets for your specific situation, outfit, your team and all the challenges you may be facing - go to headset advisor. I'm going to do a noise canceling test with one of the best headsets from each of the brands back to back. So stay tuned to the end of post, so you can see the noise cancelling technology from all the different brands back to back, it's going to be really fun

1. Headset Orsound

Orsound is one of the newest headset brands out of the list, but what's unique about them is they are Designed and manufactured in France, so it's very uh unique design and they have some patented technology, such as this magnetic removable microphone boom. That has a busy led light on the edge of the boom, as well as on both sides of the headset, so that you can reduce disruption. So people are not interrupting you during phone calls and meetings.

They also have a smart, active noise cancellation which allows you to have a more natural feeling when you are using the active noise cancellation technology on this headset. So you don't have to feel like you're isolated in some kind of siloed chamber by yourself.
They also have a smart, active noise cancellation which allows you to have a more natural feeling when you are using the active noise cancellation technology on this headset. So you don't have to feel like you're isolated in some kind of siloed chamber by yourself.

You can hear the important things around your surrounding but block out the distracting noises which is causing a loss of productivity, and you can switch out the ear cushion. So when they wear out. You can prolong the life of your headset, which makes it very unique and, unlike any other headset brand on the market, now they don't have uh many options to choose from.

They just are solving the problem that a lot of us are facing since we're working from home or are in noisy offices, they're doing a really great job at blocking out background noise. So if noise is a concern, you're definitely going to want to take a look at the Orosound brand.

2. Headset Yeaylink

Yeaylink is a very popular brand, primarily known for their desk phones, but recently, with the switch To re a lot of remote workers working from home and also just more desktop phone systems, they've released a wide variety of wireless headsets and they have actually some unique features such as this wh 67. In front of me, it can connect to all of your devices. Your computers, your cell phones and also your yay link desk phones, all from one headset, so you don't need a headset for each of your devices. You can just use one headset for it all. It also has convertible wearing style, so you can wear the Yealink wh-67 on your ear behind the neck or with a headband, and you can also choose uh with a dedicated headband with dual speaker or single speaker, and these are decked wireless headsets, which typically give you A lot longer wireless range than Bluetooth technology, but they also have new Bluetooth headsets as well.

They have a noise, canceling microphone technology called acoustic shield and that's their marketing way of saying a noise cancelling microphone that uses a computer chip processor in the headsets to help eliminate that unwanted background noise. So your voice can be heard more clearly and it works quite well again.

I'M going to test out the most popular headset on each of these brands at the end of this video, so stay tuned for that overall Yealink you're going to get a great value, good price and good quality. But if you're looking to connect these wireless headsets to your Avaya phone, cisco phones, other desk phones like that, unfortunately they will not connect. They will only connect on some Yealink desk phones and some poly desk phones with the usb ports. So something to keep in mind all right.

3. Headset Epos

Next up is the brand
Epos. They actually used to be a company called Sennheiser, but the Sennheiser business headset line branched off and rebranded as Epos. You have a wide variety of headset models that you can choose from. So that you can find a particular technology and also a comfort level that works best for your specific situation. They have speaker, phones, Bluetooth and decked wireless headsets, so you're going to find something that works for everybody and also all different price points. Depending upon what kind of connectivity you need.

Overall, they sound great as far as the speakers and the noise canceling microphone works great on these headsets as well they're, more entry-level, the adapt 260 Bluetooth headset. This is what that headset looks like, as you can see it's a little more basic lightweight, it's good for when you deploy many units, so then you can get the price point down while still maintaining a solid design and decent sound quality. Then, at the top end you have the mb 660. That is the full enclose your ears. As you can see, everything just clicks. The design level is a lot greater. The sound quality is going to be greater and then it also has a lot of technology built in such as a touch pad on the side of the headset. To use your controls to skip pause play those types of features, so you have a lot of options from epos and a lot of great options to choose from all right.

4. Headset Poly

Next up we have Poly, it's actually formerly a company called Plantronics. They merge with a desk phone company, called Polycom, blended, the two companies together and now it's called Poly and they have the most amount of options from desk phones to video conferencing, speaker, phones, audio conferencing and, of course, headsets.

They by far have the widest selection and they are one of the most popular brands in the business headset space. Whatever platform that you use for your phone calls and for your meetings, Poly is going to be integrated with those platforms so that you get features such as being able to mute the meeting or the phone call directly from the headset or my favorite feature is remote. Call control which allows you to step away from your desk and wirelessly click a button on your headset, so you can answer and end calls while away from the desk. So it gives you a lot of options with the poly headset brand, and one of my favorite headsets from the poly brand is the poly voyager focus 2. This is by far one of the most comfortable headsets if you're trying to cover up both ears - and you want to block out background noise, it's super lightweight. It has acoustic fence technology, which just is a fancy marketing term for a noise canceling microphone that works very good and works good against wind as well, and it helps you focus on your work, phone calls or meetings, because it has active noise cancellation, which electronically removes That unwanted background noise overall, I think the poly brand is awesome and worth checking out all right.

5. Headset Jabra

Last up we have Jabra. Now Jabra also has the widest selection of business grade headsets great for call centers, wired and wireless. They have new video conferencing, webcams and huddle room cameras and speakerphones, as well as cool technology with their Bluetooth wireless speaker, phones.

They even have consumer grade wireless earbuds, the Jabra elite, which are extremely popular. They have their Jabra evolve series, which is great for if you're working from home, you need to connect to your computer and also your mobile phone. So if you take your headset or phone calls on your cell phone, you can take your high quality headset with you on the go.

They also have the Jabra engage series which is great for connecting to desk phones and they'll work on any brand of desk phone, and then, of course, you have um all of your Jabra speak and Jabra Fun cast for your video conferencing and for your speakers for Your conference calls now Jabra has certifications from all of the leading uh phone service brands such as Microsoft teams, ring central, zoom.

You know google, 8x8 avaya, there's so many more brands that Jabra is certified to work with, which also gives you those advanced features, such as the ability to mute, a meeting or also get that remote call control.

So you can answer and end calls while away from your desk, which always gives you more flexibility and freedom, which is always a good thing. Now. One of my favorite headsets from Jabra right now is the Jabra evolve 2,75.

It has eight microphones built into this awesome microphone when uh, you flip the microphone down. I call that performance mode and then, when you flip it up, that's what i call headphone mode and it's a really great sounding microphone both both as far as voice quality but then, as far as noise canceling technology utilizing those eight microphones.

So it's one of my absolute favorite headsets when working from home or in the office and noise is a problem so definitely worth checking out.

So that is the five best brands for businesses. Headset really enjoy that one. Well, that's all! I got thanks a lot. We'll see you next time.


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