Chat GPT and the Future of Our Work

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CHAT GPT artificial intelligence made by Open AI a company owned by Elon Musk and Sam Altman, rocked the world. 

It has 1 million users in just one week since its launch. The presence of cat CHAT GPT will disrupt everything like an atomic bomb software that will destroy the world. 

We know now anything what CHAT GPT can do. 

How does it work? 

How do Google and Microsoft respond to the presence of CHAT GPT? 

What opportunities and threats does it bring to humanity Find the answer in this short article.

We start by discussing what CHAT GPT is then examine why CHAT GPT makes the excitement of professionals and academics? Then we dive in to see CHAT GPT through the eyes of Google and Microsoft. 

After that, we review. How is the fate of our work with the last presence we peel off the boundaries and future of CHAT GPT,

CHAT GPT is artificial intelligence or AI, which is a variant of generative free training, Transformers c hat CHAT GPT was developed by Open AI, an Artificial intelligence, research laboratory founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman and others in December 2015. They built Open Ai to promote and develop AI that is friendly and can provide many benefits to human life. Besides paint CHAT GPT Open, AI also makes whisper, which can create an automatic voice. 

Recognition system, also from which can produce images and artwork based on AI CHAT GPT, is a neural network-based language model. It uses unsupervised learning to produce natural language text. This model is trained by utilizing more than 40 GB of data from internet text. Its capabilities continue to be developed so that it can carry out various human tasks. This model is then improved into CHAT GPT2 and refined into CHAT GPT . CHAT GPT can interact with humans through conversation. 

A CHAT GPT is what he can do. It turns out. He has a lot of habits, he can answer any question. Do basic programming make financial analysis, write, poetry, create songs, Write articles and essays? He can also imitate explain even remember what has been said if asked he can outline ideas, -ideas and challenge wrong premises also refuse inappropriate requests, even if he makes a mistake he apologizes more than that.

He can also summarize scientific articles, run chat-based, customer service functions, make predictions and translate languages, and If you're feeling bored just try, it use CHAT GPT, he can entertain you because he can make jokes. All those habits are the result of a massive data set that he is constantly learning. 

What CHAT GPT Make a Scene?

There are many reasons why CHAT GPT can make a scene, because he can do things that usually only people do competent person in in his field. 

He also masters various types of abilities. It could be that no human being has as much ability as CHAT GPT can do not to mention the speed in completing work. If a human takes a matter of hours to complete a job, CHAT GPT can complete the job in just seconds. 

I have ask directly like this to  CHAT GPT. What human work can you replace in the future unstructured text and then put it in a structured format so that it can be used to automate data entry tasks? 

Now that's a job! That's not easy for humans, even if it's done 

Yes, there are other jobs that can be done by CHAT GPT. For example, it can help programmers write lines of code in creating an application.

It also helps analyze financial data and provide recommendations perform those tasks perfectly, I'm not a substitute for human intelligence, but rather a tool that can help improve efficiency and accuracy in certain tasks. 

Maybe that CHAT GPT again empathize with we want. We worry this technology can also create new job opportunities in fields such as model training, data, annotation, Monitoring and maintenance, so go on. Chat GPT is extraordinary, although in fact it's only natural that we are still worried.

Yes, the words of Yuval Noah Harari historian and author of the book Homoduus can represent our worries. 

He said like this: we are facing a unique situation in human history. For the first time we don't understand What is the picture of the job market in the next 20 to 30 years, so the CHAT GPT is still considered to have the potential to disrupt the world of work, including disrupting jobs in the previous economic sector, or students may Use  CHAT GPT to complete their assignments. Just imagine the CHAT GPT  can make an essay on a physics-chemistry design assignment and all of them. An observer has tried to make an essay using CHAT GPT. Then it is checked using the plagiarism checker application. 

What are the results? There is no indication that Esay is a plagiarism product. 

It's only natural that it's getting excited at Washington University right now. Many professors are eliminating homework for open book exams, they're also being removed because it's vulnerable to students doing it using cheats. Now they give more assignments in class to make handwritten papers group and oral exams. In addition, around 6,000 lecturers from Harvard University, University Island have submitted CHAT GPT Zero, which is a program that can quickly detect text produced by AI one of the plagiarism detection applications called Turnitin. Its features will be enriched so that it can identify the use of Ai.

It's exciting that Ai was created to detect the presence of other AI. 


Another battle also died between cat CHAT GPT and Google. That opportunity can be seen from the question of whether CHAT GPT will be a challenger to Google cat. Chat GPT developers turned out to be humble. They said that maybe others can replace Google they consider. There are already a lot of Google users 

Google also controls about 90 % of the search engine business. In addition, Google has an extensive database of indexed websites with various Google tools and features. It is also capable of performing text, image, map and other searches. They believe that CHAT GPT does more to help than replace Google, 

Although so many people still see CHAT GPT as a threat challenger and may even be the end of Google when compared, Google can only provide us with a list of answers based on text or images. Google does not provide selected answers for us, while the answers given by the CHAT GPT are in the form of conclusions that directly answer our questions. The conclusions were made after he processed massive data sets on the internet related to the direction of our questions. 

I already have a similar AI chatbot, whose name is LaMDA which stands for language dialog applications about lamda.

The chatbot hasn't been launched yet to the public, but it has become controversial in June last year because of this, a former Google scientist named Black lemon boasted that lambda could think and have feelings like a human being. Apart from the controversy, lambda could be said to be Google's weapon for dealing with CHAT GPT, but Google also had to calculate correctly because it could become lambda later. 

In fact, it will eat up his search business regardless of Google's decision. They will still be bothered by Chat CHAT GPT, which will continue to increase, so the disruption presented by CHAT GPT will continue to occur, including for technology companies that are already mature.

Such an incident has happened to Instagram. Yes, they had mastered the photo and video platform, but now tiktok has begun to undermine its power. 

In contrast to Google, the presence and achievements of CHAT GPT checks are actually welcomed by Microsoft. I'M surprised right because Microsoft is one of the owners. In 2019, Microsoft and Open AI have partnered Microsoft to provide funding 1 billion US Dollars. They have also formed a long-term partnership to develop artificial intelligence, supercomputer technology. 

In early January 2023, Microsoft plans to increase its investment in Open AI worth 10 billion US Dollars, which will make Microsoft control 49 % of Open Ai shares and the value of Open AI will be reached 29 billion US Dollars or the equivalent of 451 Trillion Rupiah. Another report was submitted on the theme for which revealed that Microsoft would get 75 % of Open AI profits until Microsoft got back its initial investment. 

We want to know more, why is Microsoft so enthusiastic about investing in objects? 

Now, CEO? According to Microsoft, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the development of cat jpt version 3.0 to 3.5 is an exponential jump, not linear, so activity applications have the potential to be even more extraordinary. The work productivity of its users has exponentially As the owner of Open Ai Microsoft, of course, plans to adopt CHAT GPT checks into all of their products. Unfortunately, Nadila has not announced which products will be embedded with CHAT GBT, but what is certain is that Microsoft will utilize CHAT GPT in the Bing search engine application 

Owned by Microsoft, which is challenging Google's dominance, they also plan to integrate Dal. That is, an image generating software into B. Reportedly, before the end of March 2023, Microsoft will come up with a new feature that uses. CHAT, Microsoft's plans to make maps Murray, editor detail full screen journal, ask to Satya Nadella whether CHAT GPT or similar AI will replace humans in various jobs answered by Nayla. 

It is clear that there will be jobs that will be replaced by AI throughout human history. The presence of any technology always has these implications, But it should be this charcoal. We are better and more prepared to anticipate it, because information and knowledge are more easily accessible. According to Nadelang, currently, humans need AI so that they can work more productively and be able to exponentially solve our problems. Big world problems, such as the environment, for example. It takes 250 years to find a solution, but with AI. Maybe we can shorten the research to just 25 years. 

What's more interesting is in explaining that with CHAT GPT workers can do tasks related to technology, even if they don't have IT skills. Those who work manually can go up a grade to become a knowledge worker. Frontline workers, for example, can participate in digital transformation in their companies by using AI to design better work processes That way wider career opportunities are opened for the Frontline worker right 

For that reason, look at the CHAT GPT as a tool to help us work more productively. Look at the CHAT GPT chat as a calculator that makes calculations easier or like a spell, checking application on a Word processor. That makes it easier for us to write articles 

By using the CHAT as a tool, we can make the most of our energy time and the thought of completing more important and more crucial work. Let the water do the technical and repetitive work. In the end. The use of Ai will automate all technical work. Even some creative work then focus on strategic work, work that can't be done by robots. That'S why going forward? Soft skills are more needed, for example, creativity, innovation, problem, solving communication and interpersonal relationships, because until now these are the only skills that AI has not taken over, even though they are considered. Sophisticated CHAT GPT still has many things. What is the first limitation?

CHAT GPT is based on the programming language model. It requires training to function properly, even though Ai technology training is expensive, only trains, the model once with, of course, all the errors that the model still has both CHAT GPT  operate with input data in 2021. So he don't know what happened after 2021. He doesn't know that Argentina is the winner of the 2022 World Cup. 

Third CHAT GPT is not able to understand the meaning of text like humans. He is not able to understand, sarcasm or irony, because he is just a statistical model that works based on the data pattern that the four CVTs receive can still be wrong. The validity and reliability of the answers are not completely accurate. He is also not able to think critically. He is only able to present facts that have been collected from sample texts on the internet and rewrite them Now with these limitations. What is the future of CHAT GPT and discussion models? 

Others will continue to develop. Of course, there will be many aspects that might be developed, for example, making the model more efficient and faster so that it can be more easily used in various applications, as well as aspects that make the model more powerful, not prone to bias errors and other limitations. 

Other important aspects is to improve his ability to understand and respond to inappropriate input, understand, step cases and produce text with context with emotion and intention. Research is continuing to integrate common sense or thinking or sound, and external knowledge also understand, sarcasm and irony so that CPT paint is more human-like. Friends like it or not, ready or not. Ai or artificial intelligence like Ca, will become part of our daily lives. So the choice is ours: Are we going to let ourselves become obsolute, because our jobs have been taken over by Ai or k? We actually learn to use AI to make ourselves more productive. Currently, we are in a pivot. 

How we work, work and learn will not be the same as before. Accept that fact and start training yourself to be part of the future.

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