Kumpulan Prompt MidJourney Tema Nature

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Dunia digital telah membuka cakrawala baru bagi para kreator dalam mengeksplorasi dan merepresentasikan keindahan alam. Salah satu alat yang semakin populer dalam penciptaan gambar imajinatif adalah Midjourney, sebuah model AI yang mampu menghasilkan visualisasi berdasarkan prompt atau instruksi tekstual yang diberikan.

Kumpulan Prompt MidJourney Tema Nature

Ketika menggunakan Midjourney untuk tema nature, kreativitas dan imajinasi dapat berkembang secara luas. Berikut adalah beberapa contoh prompt yang dapat dijadikan inspirasi:

1. "Landscape of lush, vibrant green forest with a winding river, soft morning fog, and sunbeams peeking through the canopy. Highly detailed, photorealistic, cinematic lighting."

2. "Towering, ancient redwood trees reaching towards the sky, their bark textured and weathered. Rays of golden light filtering through the misty undergrowth."

3. "Serene lake surrounded by rolling hills, with a small wooden dock and a family of swans gliding across the still waters. Warm, soft lighting, atmospheric haze."

4. "Dramatic coastal cliffs overlooking a turbulent ocean, with crashing waves and seabirds soaring overhead. Moody, stormy lighting and mist."

Baca Juga:

5. "Enchanted forest scene with glowing mushrooms, wispy wisps of magic, and a mystical, otherworldly atmosphere. Highly detailed, fantasy-inspired."

6. “Cinematic, landscape photography, a vividly contrasting scene with fallen branches and pine cones, 'blown-off-roof' perspective in a soggy High Sierra landscape, aftermath of a storm, strong diagonals accentuating the chaos, Canon EOS R5 with spot metering to emphasize high contrasts between light and dark colors, capturing trapped emotions in the dramatic interplay of shadows and highlights, raw and unfiltered style, stark contrast in the color palette with deep shadows and bright highlights, emphasizing the tumultuous weather conditions. --ar 3:4 --v 6.0 --s 300 --style raw

7. a deep Amazon jungle camp, the chorus of wildlife, the heart of nature beats strongly, poetic

8. overhead shot, transparent colorful {OBJECT}, petal in full bloom, sunny shining on {FLOWER} flowers, infinite details, rich details, detailed description, rendering, bright colors --v 5.1 --s 100 --upbeta --ar 9:16

9. overhead shot, transparent colorful {MATERIAL}, petal in full bloom, sunny shining on {JEWELRY} jewelry, infinite details, rich details, detailed description, rendering, bright colors --v 5.1 --s 100 --upbeta --ar 9:16 (lihat gambar)

10. Blue & orange promt: simplicity + minimalism + nature + only blue and orange colours + autochrome + rtx on --ar 3:2 --q 2 (Lihat Gambar)

11. detailed-photo with (bright-rays/beams), taken from the floor of a rainforest misty Foggy with towering-trees AlpineChic rays/beams, small brook, exoticplants litter the forestfloor, bright-rays/beams a small creek in the forest, colourful flowers :: sunset coloured light ::0.6 --style raw --ar 4:5 --s 175 --v 5.2 (Lihat Gambar)

12. a peaceful shot of [city] and, or [monument] broken down, 100 years after apocalypse, broken casinos, Overgrown with green plants and trees, warm lighting, dramatic angle, nature --ar 16:9 --style raw --s 750 (Lihat Gambar)

13. Diving by Midjourney "picture of captures the awe-inspiring nature of marine life, showcasing a diver surrounded by a massive school of clownfish, forming what looks like a dynamic, swirling bait ball. The scene unfolds underwater with sunlight filtering through the surface, creating a dramatic play of light and shadows. It is a beautiful depiction of aquatic harmony and the vastness of the ocean by national geographic --v 6.0 --ar 4:3 --style raw --s 550" (Lihat Gambar)

14. As twilight descends upon a remote glacier, the landscape transforms into a scene of surreal beauty. The glacier, a vast river of ice, snakes through rugged mountains, its surface reflecting the fading light of day. The peaks surrounding the glacier are dusted with fresh snow, standing stark against the darkening sky. As the sun sets below the horizon, it paints the sky in shades of purple, pink, and deep blue. The air is crisp and tinged with the cold scent of ice and rock. Small streams of meltwater create gentle sounds as they flow from the glacier, merging into a nearby river that reflects the last glimmers of daylight. The glacier’s deep crevasses and towering ice formations become highlighted by the low light, showcasing their intricate blue and white patterns. This twilight scene captures the quiet majesty of the glacier, a frozen landscape that is both timeless and in constant change, sculpted by the forces of nature. (Lihat Gambar)

15. Early morning in the alpine region reveals a breathtaking scene as the sun rises over jagged peaks. The mountains, capped with snow even in the warmer months, reflect the rosy hues of dawn. Below, the valleys remain shrouded in mist, which clings to the dense pine forests and softens the contours of the landscape. Small, crystal-clear streams fed by melting snow cut through the meadows, their gentle babbling breaking the silence. The air is crisp and carries the scent of pine and fresh mountain herbs. This serene moment captures the pristine beauty of the high mountains at dawn, offering a perfect blend of tranquility and rugged wilderness. (Lihat Gambar)

16. The picture depicts an ancient Japanese village, enveloped in a serene and picturesque setting. Traditional wooden houses with sloping roofs are nestled amidst lush greenery, creating a harmonious blend with nature. Cherry blossom trees dot the landscape, adding a touch of ethereal beauty. The camera used is a high-quality DSLR, capturing the intricate details and vibrant colors of the scene. The settings are carefully adjusted to ensure optimal depth of field and light balance. Soft sunlight bathes the village, casting gentle shadows and illuminating the natural beauty. The composition frames the village from a captivating angle, showcasing the unique architecture and the tranquil ambiance. --ar 3:4 (Lihat Gambar)

17. biological correct topview photograph of a [picasso bug] on [light blueish] background, nature photography, high detailed zoom objective --ar 3:4 --seed 99 --v 5.1 (Lihat Gambar)

18. A mesmerizing aerial photograph of a lush tropical island with pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The vibrant coral reefs and palm-fringed shores create a captivating contrast against the deep blue ocean. Descriptive Keywords: Tropical paradise, idyllic, serenity, vibrant, escape. Camera Type: Drone. Camera Lens: Wide-angle. Time of Day: Midday with bright sunlight. Style of Photograph: Aerial and immersive. Background: The stunning island landscape, including the beaches, reefs, and lush greenery. Post Processing Techniques: Enhancing colors and clarity, emphasizing the vibrant turquoise tones, creating a sense of escapism and serenity. (Lihat Gambar)

18. infinite nebula exploding into a field of millions of amber droplets of light and stretched bands of color, pillars of creation, hallucinatory surreal palimpsest, bubbles, magnificent scale, optimized photon capture Cinematic Color Grading –ar 2:1 (Lihat Gambar)

19. back view of a space traveler flying in forced perspective to a fiery nebula, forced perspective, universe exploding into millions of amber droplets of light and stretched bands of color, hallucinatory surreal warp speed palimpsest of undulating nebulae, dramatic angle, optimized photon capture, tracers, long exposure, multiple exposure, HUD display. long exposure --ar 3:2 (Lihat Gambar)

20. The universe exploded into millions of colorful amber droplets of light and stretched bands of color, hallucinatory surreal warp speed palimpsest of undulating nebulae, dramatic angle, optimized photon capture, tracers, long exposure, multiple exposure --ar 3:2 (Lihat Gambar)

21. The Milky Way awash in bands of color flowing in and around two Dev Patel twins in futuristic space suits, cordons of light, whirling, fiery blossoms and dissipating in curtains of sparks, threads connected, Dev Patel in a Kathakali suit –ar 2:1 (Lihat Gambar)

23. traveler with long blue contrails, surreal galaxy, establishing, far, universe exploding into millions of amber droplets of light and stretched bands of color, hallucinatory surreal warp speed palimpsest, nebulae, optimized, long –ar 2:1 (Lihat Gambar)

24. Prompt: Dry weather:: Las Vegas in the 1970s picture taken by a Nikon F2 camera: Las Vegas Strip during the 1970s at night:: bustling with activity. feature classic 1970 cars:: people in period-specific 1970s fashion:: and iconic casinos of the era, reflecting the city's unique energy raw. --s 750 --v 6.0 Lihat Gambar)

25. an artificial tree in pink, in the style of epic fantasy scenes, vray tracing, traditional chinese landscape, dark red and light cyan, hyper-realistic water, flowing silhouettes, nature-inspired imagery, Nikon d850, uhd image, rich colour palette, long exposure, 32k uhd, 8k resolution, photo-realistic, Realistic-Materials, Realistic-details, 3D, Lumen-Reflections ::1 --ar 1:1 --v 5.2 --style raw --s 1000 (Lihat Gambar)

Prompt-prompt ini tidak hanya menggambarkan elemen-elemen alam, tetapi juga mengarahkan Midjourney untuk menciptakan suasana, pencahayaan, dan efek visual yang spesifik. Dengan memanipulasi kata-kata kunci seperti "photorealistic", "cinematic", "moody", atau "fantasy-inspired", kreator dapat menghasilkan visualisasi yang unik dan memukau.

Menggunakan prompt Midjourney untuk tema nature membuka pintu kreativitas yang tak terbatas. Setiap prompt dapat menghasilkan interpretasi visual yang berbeda, menciptakan pemandangan yang realistis, fantastis, atau bahkan surreal.

Selain itu, prompt yang baik juga dapat mengarahkan Midjourney untuk menghasilkan komposisi yang menarik, dengan pengaturan sudut pandang, skala, dan perspektif yang sesuai. Tidak jarang hasil akhirnya dapat menyerupai karya fotografi, meskipun semuanya adalah hasil generasi AI.

Dengan terus mengeksplorasi dan bereksperimen dengan prompt, para kreator dapat menemukan cara unik untuk menyajikan keindahan alam dalam bentuk visual yang menakjubkan. Midjourney telah membuka jalan bagi mereka untuk mewujudkan imajinasi dan memperindah dunia digital dengan sentuhan alam yang memesona.

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