Download Lightroom Presets -

"Download Lightroom Presets -"

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One of the most used photo editing applications by Instagram artists is Adobe Lightroom.  Well, we will share this opportunity Selebgram Lightroom presets It's free and easy to use!

The advantage of Adobe Lightroom is that we can follow the settings in the previously made (preset) photo edits. 

What are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom presets it is. Edit the settings file It includes a combination of effects created by the photo editing process in Adobe Lightroom. 

Its function is similar to Design templates Using presets, we can make similar photo edits based on the settings made.

So we can make selfie edits without the hassle of adjusting the time-consuming effect settings. 

Perfect for beginners, if you don't have an account, please read our previous article on how to sign up for Lightroom without email verification.

Recommended Types of Selebgram Style Lightroom Presets

So, without the need for much further discussion, here are the types of celebrity-style lightroom presets, you can download them for free below!

1. Lightroom beauty presets 

The first preset that celebrities use the most is this beauty preset! The above is an example of a preset that uses a lot of brown and light effects to make a beauty photo, please download the following photo editing settings.

2. Vintage 90s Lightroom presets

Additionally, Celebgram's widely used preset is the old school theme. Vintage.  Just like the 90's preset use, it combines multiple color shading effects.

Take photos in a vintage style and you can be in old buildings or in the shadows, because it is a perfect combination for this theme!

3. Preset Lightroom Drak mode

You can also use a preset with night theme or dark mode below!

4. Korean Beauty Pastel preset

Next, We offer presets that make your selfie photos cleaner, perfect for those who love Korean style.  You can download this preset in DNG format!

5. Lightroom aesthetic presets for smooth inspiration

This mobile light room preset is called Soft Trigger which can trigger your selfie photos or outdoor scenes like mountains and beaches, let's try it!

6. Latest dark, black filter and vintage theme presets

Ok, let's move on to the preset that Mimi chose when updating this article, that is, the dark beauty preset or the black style filter that can surprise photos in night mode.

Well, please download it below!

This preset includes XMP and DNG made by Fariz Artwork, you can check his YT channel for steps to make cool presets yourself. 

7. 150 cool XMP Lightroom presets 

In addition to some of the presets above, we also offer a special set of presets in XMP format that can be used to simplify your photo editing process. 

8. Nature Theme Lightroom Presets

After fully discussing various real-life themes, here are some presets that you can use for eye-pleasing nature photos.


So, those are some free Selebgram Lightroom Presets without password that you can download.  For friends who don't know how to use it, check out the following tutorial!

How to use Adobe Lightroom Presets

To use it, you can import the preset into Lightroom app based on preset format i.e. DNG and XMP.

Please follow the following steps.

How to import DNG preset files

  1. Open the Adobe Lightroom app!
  2. On the first page, please click Add Photos in the top right corner!
  3. Select Files, then import the preset .dng file
  4. Click the Settings button and then select Copy Settings
  5. Finally, add the photo we want, then click Settings and select Posting Settings.

Import XMP format presets

  1. Open the file manager application
  2. Look for the previously downloaded XMP preset file!
  3. Then copy the preset file.
  4. Go to the directory of the folder android> data> com.adobe.irmobile> files> Carouseldocuments> 000000000xxxxx>
  5. Profiles> Settings> UserStyles
  6. Then paste the files into that folder!
  7. Done

If you successfully import the .XMP file, the preset formula in the file will be automatically imported into the application. 

To test it, please add a photo and see the preset menu, the preset file we imported will come up. So our article will be discussed at this time Selebgram Lightroom presets The latest.  We hope it helps your editing process and don't forget to share it with other friends too.

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