FIRST Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Phone - BENCHMARK & REVIEW!

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Even if you have absolutely no intention at all of buying this phone keep watching this video, because right now this is the most powerful phone you can buy with a small Asterix. This is the new IQ 11 and it's the first phone to launch - or at least for me, to get my hands on with the brand spanking new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. That's the new flagship processor. The Qualcomm showed off just a few weeks ago in Hawaii. At their Snapdragon Summit, so quicker than you can say, Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 IQ slapped the new chip in this new flagship phone.

And if you haven't heard of IQ, which you may not have they're, actually a sub brand of Vivo, with a slightly more gaming and performance Focus, but also available in different markets, but hold your horses before you jump to the next video.

The reason I'm telling you about this is because it is the first phone that I can actually properly test with that New Gen 2 chip, so we can basically find out just how fast pretty much all 2023 Android Flagship phones will be with this guy. Of course we have some variables with materials and Cooling and software and RAM, but the likes of the Galaxy s23, the oppos X6 Pro the OnePlus 11 xiaomi 13. Those sort of things they're likely to all be powered by the same chip as well. But first there is a lot more to this iq11 than just the new chip, because we also get new and faster LP ddr5x RAM and also much faster and also more efficient, ufs4 storage, so new chip faster Ram, faster storage and also a brand new screen.

This is actually really interesting. This is using the Samsung E6 AMOLED and if you are into your tech, specs and you'll be familiar with the E5, which was in pretty much all Android phones in 2022. But now we have the new E6, which actually seems to be quite a big upgrade if you take the previous gen one of these, the IQ 10, which came out just in July 2022, so only a few months ago, that was a full HD 120hz screen. This is now Quad, HD, 144, and actually, as far as I know, this is the only phone to offer quality and 144hz refresh. It'S also boosted the peak brightness from 15 up to 1800 nits, the dimming frequency or pwm is now 1440 Hertz.

So a little bit less eye strain and possibly most exciting of all. It'S an ltp0 3.0 display, which is the next gen of a dab, active, refresh rate which can save more power and actually generate new frames. Potentially, making everything, including A Game's, look and feel even smoother. That'S a pretty hefty upgrade and, as I say, what we're seeing here is what we're likely to see on pretty much all upcoming Android flagships.

Elsewhere we get a good sized 5 000 million power battery with 120 watt fast charging, the stereo speakers sound great and it supports Snapdragon sound which unlocks some tasty lossless and also low latency audio for gaming, no headphone jack or microSD card slots. Sadly, but it is a very smart slim and light design and actually has someone of a passing resemblance to the Vivo x80 there's. Definitely some cross-pollinated DNA going on there I mean it is a sub brand of Vivo, which itself is actually a sub brand of BBK Electronics, which also own Oppo, which also in OnePlus anyway. I'M not complaining. It's still a lovely phone really Slim with a big 6.8 inch screen.

However, I'm a bit disappointed, because this black version is a bit dull. Okay, it's very dull, but what I would say if you are thinking about buying this is definitely get it in the other. Color the one with the stripe, because it looks way cooler than that around the back. We have this triple camera system, with a 50 megapixel main lens, a 12 megapixel Ultra wide and a 12 megapixel telephoto, plus a 60 megapixel camera around the front and overall it is a solid setup, but the main gn5 sensor isn't particularly new uh.

Nor are we getting any of that crazy, one-inch sensors. That's coming to the new Vivo X90 Pro that's just been announced, and despite this new chip supporting crazy 4K 120 or 8K 60 video resolutions, this is still 4k16 ak-30. This is the new IQ. 11 What do you think it's not even coming to the UK, which is a shame. It's still a very capable camera and IQ have made some nice improvements, particularly in reducing shutter lag, and so fast impressions are pretty good and finally, in terms of software, This ship's running Android, 13 and fun touch OS on top, which is nice and fast.

Although there is a hefty amount of bloatware and also stop this, we only get two years of major Android updates. The fact that OnePlus has now jumped up to four years matching Samsung and Apple's, also at the sort of top end of that two years of Android updates, is just not good enough anymore. In my opinion, that's a bit disappointing. Okay, enough of all that enough, waffling. Let'S get to the good bit, let's find out just how fast this phone with the new 8 Gen 2 chip really is, and if it makes that much of a difference, if you really should care well, here are my geekbench, 5 and 3dmark Wildlife.

Extreme stress test results and for some context, let's bring in the Galaxy s22 Ultra with the Snapdragon 8 gen 1 and then also the xiaomi 12T Pro with the Snapdragon 8 plus gen 1. In single core we're looking at about a 10 optic over the 8 plus gen 1 and about 20 over the original 8gen one, although it is more significant in multi-core, with a 40 bump on the original and about 12 bump from the 8 plus.

But let's switch over to 3D Mark which tests the graphics with a 34 boost over the 8 plus and a 62 boost over the eight. Although, if we look at the stability which is quite low and suggests, despite the vapor chamber, cooling system that we have in this IQ, there's potential for much higher frame rates, although not necessarily sustained over longer gaming sessions. What's really interesting, though, is that in the same test, we only used nine percent of the battery on the Gen 2 versus 12 and 13 respectively, on the other chips, that's kind of what you want right faster and it saves battery.

Now I haven't had this long enough to do a full battery test, and I am also really curious how this will stack up to other Gen 2 powered phones, which we'll be seeing very soon. Because, as I say, there is a lot more to Performance than just the chip inside, but I know what you're thinking you said at the beginning, Tom that this was the fastest phone ever well. What about this guy? The iPhone 14 pro with the a16 chip? Well, not in geekbench, so clearly the processor is still significantly faster on the a16, but in 3D mode, we're looking at a 12 higher score and also if we jump down to FPS a slightly more consistent frame rate on the hn2.

So that's the data. But what does it all mean? Well, essentially, the 8 Gen 2 chip is very fast and actually a decent upgrade in terms of graphics performance, even over the 8 plus gen 1, which itself is still very capable, but less so in terms of the processor. Now the issue is diminishing the terms right. Where are you actually going to see that kind of performance?

Well, it is good to see that we have this new Quad HD 144. We do have an outlet for this extra performance. Higher frame rates at higher resolutions. Are there any games that support 144 barely a handful, but it is chicken on the egg developers won't optimize for better Hardware until there is better Hardware, I do think 144 makes a bit of a difference to just how fast the entire UI is even over 120. Obviously it's some diminishing returns, but I think you cannotice it and also combined with the ltp03 panel, which adds new frames and can smooth everything out.

It'S a bit like an Adaptive sync technology. This is incredibly fast, fast and snappy, but also this is just a start. We haven't really seen any games taking advantage of Hardware Ray tracing which these chips Support, also, the new RAM and new storage that's going to have to be optimized over time. I appreciate that IQ have rushed this out and it is one of the first to come with new chips and combined with the new screen. I think it has had a noticeable impact on performance, but I am also really excited to see what comes out over the next few months, with the new flagship phones powered by the same chip and with the same display and what they can bring to the table.

But what about you? What phone are you using right now and also are you thinking about upgrading to a new phone in the next few months and if so, which one, let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching guys. If you enjoyed this video, a like And subscribe, would be lovely and I'll. See you next time right here on the tech chat.


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