What is Reksa Dana and Its Benefits?

"What is Reksa Dana and Its Benefits?"

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What is Reksa Dana and Its Benefits?

Hello, friends, welcome to the Academy of Reksa Dana module. Maybe many of you are confused about where to start investing So here I will discuss one of the investment alternatives that can be an option, namely Reksa Dana.

Let'S start with what is it Reksa, Dana and their advantages?

Reksa Dana are investment packages that are collected from investor funds and managed professionally by investment managers. This investment package contains various financial instruments such as bonds and stock deposits, because this is an investment package, so Reksa Dana products can contain various kinds of Asep, depending on the type of Reksa Dana,

For example, in one stock Reksa Dana product, there are 30 shares in It, while the investment manager is a professional in the financial industry who has received official permission from the Financial Services Authority or OJK and has experience in managing and is like an investment manager.

Who is a chef who mixes k and cook the investment package and Reksa Dana? Are investment packages resulting from concoctions and cooking manzen achievements?

Investment assets in the form of bonds or stock deposits, according to the type of Reksa Dana chosen. Now you already know what Reksa Dana are, but how come? I'M famous It turns out that there are many advantages.

The first is that Reksa Dana are liquid or easy to liquidate.

So if at any time you need funds, then you can sell the Reksa Dana at any time and don't get penalized, but remember, selling Reksa Dana still requires a process for disbursing the funds. A maximum of seven working days in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Services Authority or OJK

The second advantage is that it is managed professionally,

Reksa Dana are managed by investment managers who already have the experience and ability to manage investment funds and have received official permission from the OJK. So you don't need to worry. If you don't have the ability or time for market analysis, because our investments are managed by professionals,

The third is diversification automatic,

because Reksa Dana are investment packages, so in one Reksa, Dana product there are various kinds of Asep.

For example, if you buy one Reksa Dana product, the shares consist of dozens of shares. So, even if one of the shares experiences a significant decline, it is not certain that the other shares will move in the same way. This, of course, will be very profitable for investors with limited capital to be able to buy a variety of diversified assets Hi. The four Reksa Dana are not tax objects. For example, you get a 10 % profit from Reksa Dana The profits are net no longer taxable different from deposits and bonds that are still subject to tax

This is because the contents of Reksa Dana products, such as bonds and stock deposits, have been subject to a fifth minimum purchase tax.

The purchases are really affordable. There are several Reksa Dana products that can be purchased starting from just 10,000, so with limited capital we can still invest and don't forget that the model has also been diversified and the latter is suitable for various risk profiles and timeframes. Why is it because Reksa Dana have various types with different characteristics and conditions so that you can adapt it to your investment period and risk profile? It'S very flexible right. So, in conclusion, Reksa Dana is an investment vocab managed by an investment manager.

Apart from that, there are various advantages that Reksa Dana have starting from Liquid, professionally managed automatic diversification and other advantages. It is not surprising that Reksa Dana are suitable for investment investors For beginners or even professionals. Let's start with the Reksa Dana version.

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