The Importance of Investing - Simple Logic Importance of Investment

"Have you ever imagined or even made plans for the future? For example, do you want to have your own house want to have this car?"

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Hey guys, have you ever imagined or even made plans for the future? For example, do you want to have your own house want to have this car?

Do you want to have a vacation around the world or continue your education abroad?

Can the younger generation now get it at all ages? Ok, we'll save money every month and save on expenses, but I'm sure that in the future the price of goods will still be the same. Try to remember when I was little I used to eat meatballs ice cream, instant P-bottles.

How much was the price? Around 2010, the price of noodles instant, a pack is 1100 rupiahs. Now, 10 years later the price is 2600 rupiahs. How come it can go up more than double. This price increase is called.

Inflation in the price of goods continues to rise, so the value of money decreases, and, of course, this affects the value of your savings. For example, you save in a bank with an average interest rate of 1.74 % per year, but in the last 10 years there has been inflation with an average of 4.5 8 percent. So your money is actually cut 2,84 %.

It's a loss later. The goods you want to buy have also gone up in price, And what, if you just rely on Saving all your plans at the beginning, can only be wishful thinking but don't be afraid of inflation, because the solution is simple, namely by investing.

But still profitable is investing In the capital market, there are several capital market products that you need to know about, such as bonds and mutual funds.

What's the difference?

Shares are proof of ownership of a company certain income, The wealth of stock investment has the advantage of capital gains, namely profits obtained when the selling price of shares is higher than the purchase price and dividends, namely the share of profits to shareholders based on the number of shares owned.  

While the risk of stock investment can be in the form of Capital loss, namely losses due to the selling price of shares being higher lower than the purchase price and the risk of liquidation, namely the company owned, is declared bankrupt.

Opening a stock account is done through a securities company with a minimum initial deposit or deposit of Rp 100,000.

The second capital market product is bonds. Bonds are medium or long term. Debt securities that are transferable.

This letter contains a promise from the issuer to the purchaser of the bond to pay the shop's debt at a predetermined time, accompanied by periodic interest payments. Bond investment is the principal value which is always fixed and the provision of coupons Like the fee paid by the issuer. The exchange rate of the coupon is the interest rate of the bond

Meanwhile, the investment risk of bonds is liquidity risk, namely the risk that an asset requires an uncertain time to be converted into cash and default risk, namely the inability of the issuer to pay interest or pay off the debt at maturity.

You can buy bonds through banks, securities companies and other institutions appointed as bond selling agents. Currently there are many government bond products for retail investors with a minimum purchase of only rupiah more affordable than bonds issued by companies, which generally have a minimum purchase of 10 billion. Rupiah,

The third capital market product is mutual funds. In addition, invested in securities portfolios by investment managers, there are several types of mutual funds, namely money market funds, fixed income, mutual funds, mixed mutual funds and equity, mutual funds.

The possibility of a reduction in the risk of default. Purchasing mutual funds can be done through an investment manager, company or mutual fund selling agent with a varied minimum purchase, some of which are only IDR 10,000.

In. The long term. The capital market is more profitable guys, Apart from fixed income from work, you can get passive income through regular investments. That have been realized, but it's okay.

How come it's never too late to start something now guys it's time to start setting aside your pocket money at least IDR 100.000 per month to start Band, giving it's easy right. It turns out. Investing in the capital market is simple but powerful. Ok, let's start investing.

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